Designer Jung Tak knows just how much of a pain it is to look for parking in major cities around the world, especially in the main financial districts as well as busy town areas. Getting around on a bicycle if you happen to work just a couple of blocks away from your home makes plenty of sense – not only is it healthier, you also save money on fuel and even more on parking. This is the reason why Tak came up with the T-Bike bicycle vending machine, ensuring that a single parking spot is capable of holding up to 32 bicycles.

This unique storage method will rely on enclosed vertical modules, letting the solitary space that holds a single car park 32 bikes – simultaneously, and away from the elements, too. All you need to do is find and reserve your bicycle from a smartphone via a dedicated mobile app, and each of these bicycles come with embedded GPS for tracking and security purposes. No idea on just which city is going to bite into this idea, but it definitely is worth looking into.

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