While we’re sure that many gamers get their kicks playing Call of Duty and other FPS games using their game pads, there are probably more hardcore gamers who, well, might prefer it if they could play the game using a gun controller since it would a touch of realism to the experience. Well if you’re such a gamer or if you know someone who is, then this Delta Six controller might be worth taking a look at and for $89, it certainly doesn’t seem like an overly expensive accessory considering some of its features.

Designed by David Kotkin, the Delta Six controller is said to have been designed for responsive input and will come with a built-in accelerometer for aiming, faux recoil and will let gamers act out a reload. It will also come with a variety of pressure sensors built into the controller and is “customizable” in the sense that gamers can add or remove components from the controller, turning it into an SMG, assault or sniper rifle depending on their preference. We’re not sure if the Delta Six controller will actually improve your game but hey, its cool looks might be reason enough to get one for yourself. Unfortunately there is no word on availability at the moment.

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