I clearly remember this geeky door mat that had the phrase “There’s no place like” emblazoned across it. Well, Google has allowed the masses to take a peek into their data centers via Street View magic in the YouTube video above, which is something worth looking into since Google places utmost emphasis on the privacy and security of your data in their data centers, and will do all things possible to protect it. In fact, since 2008, only a tiny set of employees have access to the server floor itself, which can be deemed to be where the Internet lives.

Connie Zhou is the person behind the stunning photos of Google’s data centers, where in the video above, you can grab a closer look at the kind of technology, people and places work together in tandem to make sure that Google continues running without a hitch. The Lenoir, North Carolina data center is depicted in the video above, where you can explore it at your own pace in Street View. Were you impressed with what you saw?

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