We know that Toys R Us has decided to branch out from merely selling toys by other companies to selling toys of their own in the form of the Tabeo and Navi tablets designed for children. Well looking to complement their devices, Toys R Us has also announced that they will be launching a digital entertainment service of their own called Toys R Us Movies. As its name suggests, this is a digital entertainment that will grant parents and children access to a variety of movies from studios such as Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and more.

Toys R Us Movies is a Rovi-powered digital storefront and users of PCs, Macs,  or Flash compatible devices will be able to access it. Toys R Us is also planning an accompanying app for the Tabeo, and compatibility with Blu-ray players, HDTVs, and other mobile devices running on iOS and Android should be able to access it in the near future as well. Toys R Us is boasting over 4,000 titles with prices starting at $2.99 for 24-hour rental, or $5.99 for streaming or download. For more information check out the press release or head on over to the Toys R Us Movies website. [Press release]

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