Toys R Us has just posted a new listing for their child-centric 7” tablet that runs on the Android operating system from Google, calling it the Tabeo. How cliched, but I guess that should still be able to capture the attention of the masses. Priced for $150 a pop, the Tabeo will go on sale from October 1st onwards, and according to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), additional details will be announced later today. Images on the site (as you can see above, courtesy of Engadget) do point towards a rather conventional design.

All in all, the Tabeo does seem to point towards a tablet that caters more for the older kids compared to the younger generation, but it does seem to have its fair share of features that do cater to the younger age group. What do you think – is the Tabeo on your Christmas shopping list for this year? Or perhaps your little one might want to settle for something that is far more “adult”?

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