Michael Jantzen‘s Transformation House is truly an abode that is out of the ordinary. Basically, this is a design study for an interactive and responsive self-contained structure, where it is more than capable of changing its shape to adapt to various functions. Assuming the Allspark touches it, it might end up being one of the weirder looking Transformers ever, but since we are grounded in reality at the moment, the Transformation House sports five center sections which can be rotated manually or automatically around the living space. This means the house’s windows and wind scoops can be rotated 360°, helping you make the most of sunlight during the winter, or catch as much wind as possible during summer to keep things nice and cool. Heck, there are also relevant areas to catch falling rain so that you have an alternative water supply instead of piped water.

The Transformation House relies on lightweight steel with a glass floor to get the job done, where it is also partially clad with photovoltaic cells so that electricity can be generated for its internal needs. We do stop and ask ourselves whether all of the other future homes would look like this, and will the costs of construction rise in tandem with such a complex structure?

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