It is said that getting a power nap is the perfect way of lasting the entire day – or at least, the second half of the day at work. Here is a specially purposed area for one to catch forty winks in relative comfort without being disturbed – the CalmSpace. I do wonder whether companies are kind enough to set apart a quiet room for folks who want to catch a nap before continuing their work, pulling an all-nighter in the process, but if the CalmSpace were to be priced decently, then perhaps the idea might just catch on.

Designed by Marie-Virginie Berbet, the CalmSpace was originally a prototype for France Telecom, but it has finally made the jump from being a prototype to a finished product, targeting office furniture brand Haworth. This is a completely self-contained, plug-and-play sleep capsule that has been specially optimized to create the perfect environment for those who are too tired to continue toiling away at their cubicles, where it will gently wake you up after pre-set 10-, 15-, and 20-minute naps. The orange light is said to help you fall asleep, while the blue light functions to wake you up in a natural manner.

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