When a robot wields a nasty looking kitchen knife, it is not your worst nightmare come true with machines taking over the world. No sir, chances are, you have stumbled upon CIROS, a South Korean robot that was developed by the good people over at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, where it was specially designed to provide homebound assistance, while relying on complicated algorithms so that it can identify everyday items which it crosses paths with within a home environment. For instance, in order to whip up a simple salad, it is capable of identifying and grabbing the relevant items from the fridge, is also able to serve tea, and scrub dishes once you are done with your snack.

Perhaps holding a less terrifying looking knife might be a better idea for the CIROS Salad Bot. Do you think that it is waterproof up to a certain extent, considering how it is supposedly able to do the dishes as well. Something tells me that a human will still be far ahead of robots when it comes to cooking even many years down the road, as robots have yet to hit the highs as seen in Star Wars and Star Trek sci-fi universes.

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