Have you watched the latest Judge Dredd reboot? Well, the Slo-Mo drug in there would definitely not have made a name for itself, and Mama would lose her cockiness too, assuming German artist Lorenz Potthast’s Decelerator Helmet were to enter mass production. To put it in a nutshell, the Decelerator Helmet will be able to simulate the kind of real-time slow motion perception without the need for mind bending or mind altering drugs, now how about that for progress? The slowdown in speed can be adjusted using a small, handheld controller, where a tiny computer which has been embedded into the Decelerator Helmet will help get the job done.

Needless to say, wearing this when you are out in a busy public area is not a good idea, and crossing a street with this is a definite no-no. Still, I suppose if you were out in the open nature, watching butterflies flit over a patch of flowers, kicking in the slow motion effect would make you appreciate nature more. How about going salmon fishing by the creek, and hoping to see these majestic fish jump upstream?

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