Some of the more expensive vehicles out there come with run flat tires that will ensure you have enough mileage in your wheels to reach a nearby automobile repair shop to get those tires fixed. For folks on a bicycle, replacing a punctured tire can be quite a thankless task, but Britek Tire and Rubber has another idea – how about an airless tire which will do away with flats for good, while converting stored energy into forward momentum? This is what the Energy Return Wheel (ERW) is all about, where it sports an internal rubber layer that can be stretched and held taut by adjustable rods.

The tire boasts of a rubber tread located on the outside, while there is a series of elastic cushions in the space between. The bicycle tire itself is rather lightweight thanks to 29-inch carbon fiber rims, and will remain open on the sides. Not only is cycling safer and more efficient with the ERW, it will also allow you to let obstacles slide under the ERW wheels with precision and ideal comfort, ensuring that the tread remains on the tire.

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