Our love and passion for robots is beyond measure. Thankfully, there’s a new iPad app that stores everything you need to need about robots. Developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and IEEE Spectrum, the iPad app, called Robots for iPad, features 126 of the world’s most significant robots, ranging from the intelligent Watson robot from IBM to the favorite Asimo robot from Honda.


Robots for iPad offers a simple interactive interface that features a large set of high-resolution photographs and 360-degree views so that you can dream about them all day. What’s more is that you can watch hundreds of videos of your favorite robots in action and rate them accordingly.

You can even rate each robot according to its creepiness level. Users of the app can also read detailed specs and articles, learn how to get started in robotics, listen to audio interviews with leading roboticists, and keep track with the latest robot news. However, the app comes with a hefty price of $5. Still, it’s a great app to fuel your robot fantasies. You can get the app here.

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