You know those little badges you see on some websites that link you to the website’s Facebook page or Google+ page? Well it looks like Instagram will be getting a badge of their own. This will allow website owners to link their Instagram profiles on their website, which we guess is the follow up to the company launching web profiles not too long ago. Apparently many users have been requesting for them and with the launch of their new web profiles, it could be thought of as Instagram being something like Flickr in which users can show off their collection of photographs. According to Instagram’s Amy Cole (via TechCrunch):

We’re excited to launch Instagram badges today to make it even easier for people to find the Instagram profiles that they care about. Brands, businesses, and public figures have been asking us for badges for a long time. Now that Instagram web profiles are available to everyone, it made sense for us to launch badges and give people a way to easily access the profiles from other sites across the web.

Also as TechCrunch has noted, this move will help Instagram get out of the pigeon hole in which many have assumed that it is only a mobile app, when in reality it looks like it will be making its mark on the desktop as well.

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