We have seen our fair share of devices from Kanex in the past, and here we are with yet another device that might just interest you road warriors out there who tend to live out of a suitcase. To put things into perspective, the Kanex mySpot travel-friendly access point is pocket sized, where you plug it into an existing Ethernet port, followed by sticking the other end into a USB port. From hence, you are able to key in a default IP address, in addition to other parameters such as creating a password, channel, and device IP.

Who would need something like the Kanex mySpot travel-friendly access point? Well, if you’re traveling in a group and want to set up your very own personal WiFi hotspot, without having to fork out an insane amount to the hotel just to piggyback on their WiFi . The Kanex mySpot is capable of supporting up to half a dozen devices, where among those include smartphones and tablets. Needless to say, the mySpot will work equally well over a wired Internet connection. The Kanex mySpot travel-friendly access point is tipped to retail for $59.95 a pop if you are interested.

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