As smartphones start to incorporate more and more functions into each iteration down the road, it goes without saying that battery life would be one of the first to suffer. Well, we have seen some monster batteries for smartphones recently, such as the RAZR Maxx and the RAZR Maxx HD which tops out at 3,300mAh – but here is a new king of the hill, with the soon-to-come Lenovo P770 Android-powered smartphone which will carry a 3,500mAh battery.

No idea on what kind of functions the Lenovo P770 will offer, but we do hope that it will be a power packed device considering how it has such a long lasting battery. Could this be the start of the race to hit the 4,000mAh mark where smartphone batteries are concerned? This would make smartphone batteries step into tablet territory then. Would you prefer to carry around a charger to juice up your exhausted smartphone at least twice a day for slimmer smartphone, or do you not mind the extra weight and millimeters for a full day of juice? Image courtesy of Gizchina.

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