Mugen’s 6400mAh Battery For The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Released

Hong Kong-based battery manufacturer, Mugen, is known for its brand of extended batteries for mobile devices and laptops. After launching a 5400mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note and a 4,000mAh battery for the Galaxy Nexus, Mugen is now introducing its latest battery for the Galaxy Note 2 “phablet.” Mugen’s HLI-N7100XL Mugen Power extended battery packs 6400mAh of power for the Galaxy Note 2.

Mugen says that its 6400mAh battery will last roughly 2.06 times long. As you already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is outfitted with a 3100 mAh battery. And similar to other Mugen batteries, the HLI-N7100XL Mugen Power extended battery also features a mini stand for landscape viewing mode. If you’re looking for more power on your Galaxy Note 2, you can get the battery at the special price of $98.95. Shipments will commence on December 21st.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an amazing device with great set of functions and brilliant screen. Users are happy to enjoy all the functions of this phone, but the battery life is a real limitation if you want to get it all. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit additional 3300mAh capacity into that new battery. Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before,” says Nikolai Lebedovsky, marketing manager at Mugen Power Batteries.

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Key SpecsGalaxy Note 2
Display Diagonal5.5"
Processor/Soc NameQuad, 4-core, 1.6 GHz
Street Price (Approx)~ $285
Search low Galaxy Note 2 price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity128 GB
Megapixels8 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh)3100 mAh
Complete product dataSamsung Galaxy Note 2 Full specs and details

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