Just when you thought that having 1,000 horses underneath the hood in the Bugatti Veyron was the epitome of vehicle engineering, that just proved the start to the 2,000 horsepower mark. In the coming year ahead, Koenigsegg and Hennessy will roll out new versions of their Agera R and Venom GT respectively, and you can expect the performance of both to blow the mind away. The Hennessy Venom GT2 has its official details released to date, projecting a possible top speed of 287 mph, which is far more speed than the average driver (and road) is able to handle.

As for the Agera R from Koenigsegg, it tips the scales at a massive 2,932 pounds, and mathematicians would be quick to whip out their calculators, touting that if it were to have a 1:1 ratio, that would mean carrying a cool 1,329 horsepower under the hood to match it’s weight in kilograms (1,329kg). Christian Von Koenigsegg says that the One:1, however, is to be “slightly lighter than the Agera R”, with a power range that will be “somewhere between 1250hp and 1350hp.” I shudder at the thought of its price.

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