Earlier screenshots of Blackberry 10 have revealed some rather large icons, and while they were by no means ugly, they did seem rather dated compared to the competition and it seems that many developers thought so too. New screenshots were then revealed that suggested that RIM could have taken developers’ suggestions in account and released new icons for Blackberry 10 that were decidedly more modern, and this has since been confirmed via the Blackberry Dev Blog. Icons for Blackberry 10 have been scaled down from its previous size of 150×150 to 114×114, and while the downsizing will be done for you, we guess developers are better off doing it themselves as some of the details could get lost in the process. It was noted as well that Playbook apps need to be upscaled too from their 86×86 dimensions which could create pixilation if not resized and tweaked manually. In any case Blackberry 10 is certainly starting to shape up to be rather promising with a brand new look and brand new features and we can’t wait to get our hands on it upon its release in 2013.

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