Most of us know that a pacemaker needs to be powered by a battery of some sort, but what happens when there is an infinite loop of energy – that is, a pacemaker which is powered by your heartbeat? US researchers are looking into this potentially game changing possibility, where the device will harness energy from a beating heart in order to produce and even store adequate amounts of electricity so that the pacemaker will keep on going like a Duracell bunny. Currently, repeated operations are required so that the batteries in pacemakers would be replaced, although I do wonder why can’t they come up with some sort of wireless charging capability. Initial tests for this heartbeat-powered pacemaker show the potential of one’s heartbeat producing up to 10 times the amount of juice required.

Still, before it is released to the masses, the British Heart Foundation did mention that clinical trials were imperative to show that it would be safe for patients and not harm them in any way. I guess the tricky bit would be to find a willing volunteer to give this device that has been built into a commercial pacemaker a go. Will surgeons who make a living out of surgery earn less in the long run with the implementation of this new pacemaker, since on average, it takes around 7 years before a battery replacement procedure is required?

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