It goes without saying that motorcyclists tend to be in a higher risk category compared to traveling using cars, especially in crowded cities or on highways, where sometimes motorists seem to not give two hoots about motorcyclists, and this is more often seen on the roads of third word countries. Well, motorbikes do come with their own horn, but these horns are not the loudest horns on the block, which is why biker and electrical engineer Peter Olt decided to literally take things into his own hands with the creation of the ear-splitting Screaming Banshee supplementary motorcycle horn which has been modified to come in a smaller, easier-to-install model that he has dubbed the Plug & Play Screamer.

While your regular horn still sounds with the Plug & Play Screamer installed, the latter would come in handy during an emergency – such as if a larger vehicle does not seem to know you’re there, all you need to do is press the horn button down, where the regular horn will sound at first, followed by the Screaming Banshee kicking in with its 139-decibel repetitive shriek, while resulting in bike’s high-beam headlight to pulsate for that added touch of safety.

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