Instead of taking bus number 11 to your work (which is a nickname for your two legs – in case you were wondering why, just take a look at both legs and figure it out from there), here is an easier way to get about doing so, although in extremely crowded situations, it might be less than ideal. I am referring to the SNAP longboard that helps you cruise city streets with relative ease. The special thing about the SNAP longboard is not that it ends up being a decent zombie killing tool in the event of a zombie apocalypse, but it comes with a couple of specialized hinges which will trim its 38 inch length all the way down to 19 – that’s half in case you did not major in Mathematics, when folded.

This new size makes it small enough to reside within a backpack or a carry-on bag comfortably. The thing is, the SNAP longboard is unable to function as a skateboard, meaning you will not be able to perform grinds and the like because of the way it is constructed. The SNAP longboard will sell as a bare board for $140, but if you want to kit it out with 83mm wheels, 180mm trucks and ABEC 9 bearings, then it will cost you $190.

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