The Watching Cute Girl app was designed as a gag, but it is kind of creepy anyway

While we’re sure the tagline of “There’s an app for that” was created as a marketing slogan, it’s starting to seem as though that phrase may have very well been prophetic. Launching in Japan is an app, which according to its translation, is titled “Watching Cute Girl” and before you think that this is an app for you to check out cute girls, it’s actually the opposite – it’s an app that features a “cute” (we guess this is subjective) girl that watches you! It basically features a young lady (pictured above) who watches you while you go about your business, like studying, watching a movie on your computer, typing up some work and etc.

There are about 180 pre-recorded clips which has been synched based on the time of day. For example she’ll greet you good morning in the day time, or wish you a good evening, and will sometimes interject some random phrases like, “Just watching you makes me happy,” which in all honesty sounds a bit creepy. From time to time, the girl in the app will also take photos of you and will show them to you, although you don’t have to worry as they won’t be uploaded onto the internet. Now before you are completely freaked out, this is an app designed as a gag by Japanese comedian, Kendo Kobayashi, and developed by Nigen Inc., so we guess if you want to check it out, you probably shouldn’t take it very seriously.

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