Yes we know, Halloween has unfortunately passed but if you’re already thinking of how you can make 2013’s Halloween even more awesome, then these pumpkin speakers are definitely something worth checking out. While you won’t actually be able to buy them for yourself, it might give you an idea for a project next time and we guess you could sub out the pumpkins for other types of fruit, like a large watermelon perhaps. These pumpkin speakers were put together by Steve Meade and they are actually a set of 500-watt speakers. As you can see, they are connected to a car stereo and while the concept itself might seem somewhat simple, the carving out of the pumpkin along with the wiring was probably quite a complicated and lengthy process so we have to give Meade his due. Great idea, but rather unfortunate as these are probably one of the few speakers we’ve seen that will actually rot within a couple of days.

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