Perhaps you’re trying to learn new knife techniques, or you’re trying to follow a recipe using your iPad, and unless the casing of your iPad comes with a stand, propping your iPad up could be rather tricky. Granted you could stick something behind it but that’s not the most elegant or permanent solution, but the folks at Chef Sleeve may have something for you in the form of the Cutting Board with iPad Stand. As you can imagine from the name, and image above, this is basically your run of the mill cutting board with a built-in groove that lets you prop your iPad up!

We haven’t actually used it for ourselves so we’re not sure how effective it will be at holding the iPad up, but for now it looks like a pretty novel and convenient solution. Of course we expect that you will need more protection if you hope to prevent your iPad from getting splashed from whatever  juices that comes out of the meat, fruit or vegetable you’re preparing, but if you’re in the market for a new cutting board and wouldn’t mind a built-in iPad stand in the process, it will be available via Chef Sleeve for $70.

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