What is already the world’s largest text based browser game, Torn, is set to further expand its boundaries as creator and owner of the crime themed RPG, Joe Chedburn, recently revealed that he has ensured his company invested heavily in not only infrastructure, but the necessary staff as well. Sporting 11 shiny new dedicated servers, you can more or less expect latency to be relegated to the bins of history – yes sir, who would have thought that even text based games (remember MUD?) could experience lag in this day and age? Not only that, to accompany the game’s expansion, there will be a new range of groundbreaking features, improved user interface and awesome designs.

Some of the new features that are due to launch include a fully interactive map of Torn City, where it will come complete with pan and zoom. The detailed map will show off areas of the city where you can buy and trade weapons, the dock areas to purchase and sell cars, an army base, industrial areas, the infamous red light district, and airport among others. It does seem to me as though this is starting to sound more and more like Grand Theft Auto, although there will be nothing much to look at if there is a Hot Coffee mod equivalent here. Are you interested in signing up for Torn?

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