At most, 7,000 households will miss out on a Nintendo Wii U this coming Christmas if one were to put on Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker, considering how it was reported that more than 7,000 Nintendo consoles were stolen from a warehouse during the previous weekend. With a $300 price tag slapped on each Nintendo Wii U, it makes perfect sense to arrive at the $2 million insurance claim, as the previous generation Wii console goes for only half that amount, which would mean that the insurance claim would have been halved as well if one were to apply some common sense and logic into the picture.

Apparently, the thieves managed to cart away 7,000 Wii U consoles at SeaTac’s Seattle Air Cargo. Perhaps the authorities might be able to do something and track down those thieves, bringing them to justice while they are at it. Oh yeah, it also makes sense if Nintendo were to knuckle down and ensure that there will be enough Wii U consoles to make up the Christmas demand in due time. After all, it is just less than one week before Santa starts to drop down chimneys worldwide.

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