If you’re a musician who not only performs but writes their own music and produces them on their computer, chances are you have probably used Apple’s Logic Pro software in the past, or you still are. According to a rumor last week, it seems that someone thought that Apple was firing staff from their professional audio group, which means that the development of Logic Pro and any updates could be in jeopardy. Well the good news for producers and musicians is that according to a MacRumors reader who decided to e-mail Tim Cook about the situation is that according to Apple’s head of music product marketing, Xander Soren, it seems that Apple is currently hard at work on a new version of Logic Pro.

This is good news in a couple of different ways – firstly it would be that Logic Pro is still on Apple’s radar and that producers and musicians who rely on the software can rest assured that the program will be sticking around. Secondly Apple hasn’t really done much on the Logic Pro front for a while, apart from issuing minor maintenance updates and adding 64-bit support, so the reassurance that a new version of Logic Pro is in the works will probably be well-received by many. We’re not sure when this new version of Logic Pro will be released, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled nonetheless.

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