When you slap a sticker price of $11,999 on your digital camera (the Canon 1D-C, no less), it is definitely not going to make it to the DSLR best seller list by far and large, but you should not be surprised to hear that there would be a fair number of people who are willing to pony up that kind of insane cash just to bring home this extremely versatile 18-megapixel 4K cam, where it boasts of EOS lens compatibility and a full-frame sensor to boot.

It seems that industry expectations for the Canon EOS 1D-C stood at $15,000 thereabouts for its pricing, so to hear that it has gone under the $12,000 mark (just) is definitely a pleasant surprise. If you have that kind of crazy loose change around to bring home the Canon EOS 1D-C, then make sure you would also have invested in a bunch of high-speed (100MB/s minimum) CF cards, as the EOS 1D-C does shoot 4096 x 2160 video at 24 frames per second, where a minute of footage would amount to a whopping 3.76GB. Out in Japan, the EOS 1D-C is tipped to arrive in the US later this week.

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