Dog Elevator For Your Home

Hmmm, it seems that obesity is not the only disease to strike and plague us humans, as we have also seemingly brought this “curse” upon our four legged friends – dogs. Assuming your pooch is overweight and needs some assistance to get around, how about this pet elevator that will let your dog go up and down the stairs without putting additional strain on those joints of theirs?

Basically, this prototype comes with a start button that is close to the ground, allowing your dog to learn to push said button with its paw in order to have it ride the basket up or down, depending on the direction where it wants to go. Of course, your dog would need to practice using this and a lack of fear of heights would help as well, as the dog elevator lifts several feet off the ground in order to traverse up and down the stairs. All I can say is, if your pooch is overweight, it is about darn time you sent it for daily walks – and chances are the owner is overweight, too.

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