Dragon Quest is a RPG series that has its fair share of rabid fans worldwide over the years, and this Japanese MMO (Dragon Quest X) would be an exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, and it sure has a rather interesting evolutionary path outside of Japan. The version 1.2 content update saw its first trailer revealed today, where it was announced that Dragon Quest X, being made for the Wii U, would also see the Japanese Wii U beta begin in February that frankly, is not too long more to wait.

Some of the other content that will be packed in Dragon Quest X version 1.2 include a raise in the level cap from 55 to 60 (sounds like a retirement age increase to me), all new Magic Warrior and Superstar jobs, the inclusion of carpentry, sewing, and furniture production, with party auto-matching thrown into the mix. Are you looking forward to this subscription based MMO when it arrives?

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