Time is the great destroyer, and so many empires have come and gone that they have failed to fight against the tide of time. So too, have great computer games, as we now hear that the recent owner of middleware Gamespy Glu has started to shut down Gamespy servers for some of the older titles out there, where among them include Neverwinter Nights (now that is a classic, I clearly remember playing it on a Pentium IV) and its sequel, SWAT 4, Sniper Elite, and Star Wars: Battlefront, with other titles in tow.

For those of you out there who still get your gaming kicks in with Gamespy, this would mean you will no longer be able to enjoy multiplayer gaming over a Gamespy server – at least by default. Other folks claim that decent alternatives are out there such as the GameRanger service, but still, let us have a minute of silence to our dearly departed servers. Guess it is time to get back to the good old days of an in-house LAN, no? What is your fondest memory on a Gamespy server?

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