Mankind’s use of hydroelectric power has been recorded for more than a century now, and most of the time, we do tend to think of these as huge concrete structures, specially built so that entire cities will have enough juice to keep on working. Well, I guess sometimes, a paradigm shift in one’s perspective would do a whole lot of good. Case in point, the Ibasei Cappa generator that is a scaled down “hydroelectric dam” so to speak, where it offers a clean energy alternative to tiny gas and wind powered generators.

All you need to do with the Ibasei Cappa generator is to submerge it in fast-moving water, and it will get to work right away – no frills or strings attached. This is made possible thanks to a tapered diffuser housing which will increase the speed of water that flows through the turbine, helping boost the total amount of power it is capable of delivering. Having a maximum power delivery of approximately 250 watts, it is enough to power a notebook, but high powered items like a microwave is out of the question. The Ibasei Cappa generator will cost around $12,000 a pop, making it out of reach of the masses.

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