The modern day smartphone has certainly evolved to include larger than ever displays, where the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung comes with a whopping 5.5” display that will certainly put quite a strain on your pants pockets, if you want to squeeze it in. Well, we have seen the Replay Social Denim jeans before that can update your social network on the go, and this time around, I/O Denim’s line of American made, premium denim range will not be that smart, but at least it comes with an innovative pocket that was specially designed to hide and house smartphones.

Known as the I/O Pocket, this pair of denims offer a discrete, industry-changing pocket on the left-hand side of the jeans along the seam. The pocket was designed so in order to handle any phone that has a maximum screen size of 4.8”, meaning the Galaxy Note and Note 2, Droid DNA and Oppo Find 5 will have to sit out on this one. Anand Venkatrao, CEO of I/O Denim said, “Our goal is to disrupt a stagnant industry by making it easier to ‘wear’ your Smartphone, as well as keeping everything from design to the manufacturing of the jeans within the United States.” Do you think that they will succeed? Missing out on the phablet market could prove to be detrimental, I believe so. [Press Release]

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