Larry Page, one of the two founders of the behemoth that we all know as Google, was recently interviewed, and in there he mentioned about Google Plus’s adoption rate throughout the summer, as well as Apple’s “island-like approach” to its platform being “somewhat a shame for users.” Larry claims that availability as well as sharing are the two keys that made Android successful, and Google Plus also had a hand in it. Larry said, “We had 18 different ways of sharing stuff before we did Plus. Now we have one way that works well, and we’re improving. I think we’re in the early stages of monetization. The fact that a phone has a location is really helpful for monetization.”

As to why Google has yet to touch on a Nexus branded device from Motorola (considering how Motorola Mobility is owned by Google themselves), Larry simple said that “we haven’t owned the company long enough.” He stopped short of promising a Motorola Nexus device, but claims that Google is hard at work to develop “amazing innovative devices” with different partners, while fully intending to keep old as well as new partners happy throughout. Is that an aye or a nay? Only time will tell.

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