Just where does Santa live? Well, North American tradition says that the jolly old man resides in the North Pole with his mech in the garage, while letting his magical flying reindeer venture around as they please since they no longer have a purpose in life with the mech in existence. I digress, regardless of where Santa lives, he is still contactable – at least this is what the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, Oi, wants kids to think. Oi has set up a pay phone to spread the holiday cheer around in Rio de Janeiro, as kids can call and speak with Santa Claus (or that is what they are led to believe). Retired actors will be on the other end of the line, checking out who they are speaking to over a video monitor so that there will be real-life conversations.

Even as the kids continue with their conversation with ‘Santa,’ tiny gifts will appear on the step located right behind them, with fake snow falling in the opposite building of the pay phone, courtesy of the wonders of projection mapping. Not only that, passing ‘elves’ and a children’s choir will then show up to add some festive cheer by singing holiday carols.

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