When it comes to Lego bricks, you can safely say that one’s imagination is the limit – after all, there are different kinds of bricks for you to fall back on, and what you can construct or build really remains under your purview. For those who are about to go full swing into the spirit of Yuletide, here is a work of art that could prove to be your inspiration to a Christmas-themed Lego artwork of your own, thanks to cartoonist and Lego enthusiast Mark Anderson who figured out that the Lego Santa Claus Mech would make for one mean machine under the Christmas tree.

Sporting a couple of robo-arms that come emblazoned with “naughty” on one and the other with “nice,” (doesn’t it remind you of the movie “Rise of the Guardians”?), the exoskeleton features traditional red and white colors, while there is a slick back-mounted globe compartment that helps Santa stash his gifts away. I guess somewhere in the snowy tundras of the North Pole, there is a line of reindeers lining up for the dole as they are out of job.

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