NASA has finished testing its Z-1 prototype spacesuit. The Z-1 spacesuit, which was first revealed in July, was praised for its versatility. Today, we are looking at the rough final design of the prototype. Judging from the image above, which shows the spacesuit’s large hemispherical transparent dome and classic white suit with bright green stripes on it, it interestingly bears a passing resemblance to the fictional character in the Toy Story franchise – Buzz Lightyear.

The key design of the Z-1 prototype spacesuit is its large port that has been attached to its back. This allows astronauts to easily enter and exit the suit and it also bypassing the need for an airlock. The Z-1 prototype spacesuit also features bearings in its joints to give astronauts more flexibility when in space. Urethane-coated nylon and polyester layers also controls the pressure more efficiently. NASA plans to use the suit sometime in the year 2017.

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