We have seen plenty of the Neo Geo X in the past, as this is in no way a top secret device waiting in the wings to be launched, but rather, it is another portable handheld console that intends to make a name for itself in the dog-eat-dog world. Well, it did not take too long for the Neo Geo X to fall victim to hacking, which is not surprising at all considering how other more established portable gaming consoles such as the Nintendo range (DS, DSi, 3DS) and Sony PlayStation Vita were hacked after being released to the market so soon. Basically, the Neo Geo X has succumbed to those in the homebrew segment, and talented programmers realized that there is basically no copy protection of any kind to work around, apart from a lightly glued microSD card.

Without wasting too much time experimenting, the homebrew community realized that the Neo Geo X’s BIOS and game ROMs can be swapped successfully for new games or custom loaders. Substitute files will still need to retain the name of the file that they replace, while swapped games remain mislabeled in the Neo Geo X menu, although this trick has already seen some users install the popular AES Unibios.

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