American weekly news magazine, Newsweek, already announced that it will be going digital next year. The company also added that its last print edition will be its December 31st issue. With only a few more days left before it bids goodbye to the series of good old print issues, the company has revealed what appears to be Newsweek’s most important cover page yet – a classic view of the old Newsweek Building in New York with a conflicting modern #lastprintissue hashtag on it.

Newsweek broke the news on Twitter saying, “COVER: Newsweek’s last print issue before we go all-digital features a hashtag on the cover.” Following its 2010 merger with news and opinion website “The Daily Beast,” Newsweek will be expanding its online presence beginning next year. It’s not the end, rather, it is a new beginning that everyone should be excited about. Hopefully, Newsweek’s decision to go digital will prove to be good. News Corp’s “The Daily” digital newspaper wasn’t so lucky.

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