The Nexus 4 is without a doubt a great device. In fact, if you haven’t grasp its pure awesomeness yet, I would go as far as to recommended that you check out our review to learn more about the device. As if that wasn’t enough, Google and LG has just published an advertisement of the Nexus 4 detailing its capabilities. And if our memory is correct, this is likely the first ever advert of the Nexus 4 from Google and LG.

As seen above, the roughly two-minute video walks us through the Nexus 4’s top features, including the Photo Sphere Camera with 360-degree panorama view that delivers fast, high-quality image rendering, and its quad-core processor. The video also highlights the clear outdoor visibility of Google Maps on the Nexus 4, as well as the fast and accurate Google Now that has been optimized, thanks to its 2GB RAM. Google Play and Android Beam are also starring in the ad.

A caption below the video reads: “The Nexus 4 Product Movie zooms into the latest technology by LG Mobile and Google. Capture beautiful sights with the 360-degree panorama view Photo Sphere Camera; Play the speedy image rendering powered by Quad-core processor; Experience awesome Google map, Google Now and Google Play that will keep you in place, and entertained anywhere, anytime; Enjoy an incredible selection of multimedia, and share them in a second through the Android Beam! These all come in a clear, realistic view with the true HD IPS+ display!”

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1280x768 IPS LCD
318 PPI
~$115 - Amazon
8 MP
139 g
2100 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
Snapdragon + None
Storage (GB)
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