Ever since a new Tomb Raider game was announced, we’ve been keeping tabs on its progress every step of the way. We’ve covered its multiple retail editions, its confirmed release date and its unlikeliness of becoming a Wii U title. But one thing we absolutely didn’t see coming was the possibility of Tomb Raider including a multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode report is coming from All Games Beta who spotted a product listing on GAME’s website indicating a multiplayer mode is a key feature for the upcoming Tomb Raider. The feature, which has since been removed from GAME’s website for Tomb Raider’s product listing, will allow players to be able to “play a variety of multiplayer modes as Lara’s Shipmates or Yamatai’s Scavengers.”

Considering Tomb Raider looks and plays a lot like Sony’s Uncharted series, we could certainly see a similar multiplayer experience being made available in the new Tomb Raider. We just didn’t think Tomb Raider would be borrowing so much from Uncharted, although Drake’s smart remarks will always be better than Lara’s. From our years of playing Tomb Raider, we don’t believe Lara is known for her razor-sharp comebacks.

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