The original Tomb Raider game was released way back in 1996 and quickly became a beloved franchise. Then in 2013, the folks at Crystal Dynamics rebooted the series where the newer Tomb Raider titles featured a darker and grittier tone, a huge departure from the original games from the early days.

It has been about 3 years since the last Tomb Raider game was released, but for fans of the franchise, there is some good news. In a video posted onto the Tomb Raider Twitter account, the series game director, Will Kerslake, confirmed that the studio is already working on a new game, although when exactly it will be released remains to be seen.

In the video above, Kerslake was quoted as saying, “We envision the future of Tomb Raider unfolding after [the rebooted trilogy], telling stories that build upon both the breadth of Core Design and Crystal Dynamics’ games, looking to unify these timelines. With Tomb Raider’s extensive history, this is not an easy task, and we ask for patience as we go through the process.”

It’s interesting to see how the company will be able to craft a story that unifies the timeline from the original games to the rebooted series. In the meantime, Netflix has confirmed that there will be a Tomb Raider anime series that will be arriving on its platform in the future.

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