The world of science fiction is always a welcome sight, as it allows the more imaginative folks out there to literally run wild with their thought, without being bound by the current known limits in the realm of physics. Who would not like to have a bionic arm attachment, or how about body parts and organs that can be easily replaced with a minor surgery? Well, we are not going to touch on anything so complicated today, as our attention is focused on the ViSi mobile monitor that functions as a wearable health monitor, allowing doctors to check on their patient’s condition remotely right from the smartphone itself.

Sotera Wireless is the company behind the ViSi Mobile Monitor, which will come equipped with a colorful touchscreen display which is strapped onto a patient’s arm to monitor their vitals in real-time. The ViSi mobile monitor will keep tabs on one’s blood pressure, heart and pulse rate, respiration rate, and skin temperature, while showing off the patient’s name on the display in addition to a dynamic graphic that shows off one’s current health status at a glance. Having picked up approval from the FDA recently, the ViSi mobile monitor should be spotted in action very, very soon.

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