Remaining complacent is one of the cardinal sins that companies and organizations should learn to avoid. After all, while you remain static, your competitors who are far hungrier than you, would definitely take the opportunity to “overtake” your current position and be top dog. Having said that, Google’s YouTube video sharing service has seen its fair share of changes in the past, and while the tablet viewing experience has been far from satisfactory, hopefully the latest version of YouTube might change your mind. At least for the Android app, where it carries with it a spanking new user interface for 10-inch tablets, and this fresh look is also carried over to its mobile website, too.

Similar to how changes to its site layout was pushed to all just a few days back, delivering the guide feature while offering easy access to subscribed channels, YouTube does seem to look great on Android-powered tablets. For those who have given it a go, do you like the new and improved look, or do you prefer to stick with the tried and tested idea?

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