YouTube Music For Android Rolls Out Audio Quality Controls

If you’re using YouTube Music on your Android smartphone and would like to be able to better control the audio quality when you’re streaming or downloading, then you might be pleased to learn that YouTube Music for Android has started to roll out an update that will be introducing quality controls for users.

Google Will Be Shutting Down YouTube Gaming’s Dedicated Website

Several years ago, Google launched YouTube Gaming which is basically the company’s answer to platforms such as Twitch. However given that plenty of gamers had been streaming and posting game content on regular YouTube for a while now, YouTube Gaming just felt like a dedicated space for such content that made it easier to find what you wanted.

Vertical Video Ads Are Coming To YouTube

Vertical video wasn’t YouTube’s strong suit initially but since people continue to record and upload videos in this format for some reason, the world’s largest online video streaming service has been making changes to ensure that it can provide a better viewing experience for vertical videos to its users. Since YouTube relies on ads to generate revenue, it’s no surprise to see that the service will now be introducing vertical […]

How To Delete YouTube Watch and Search History

YouTube has become the premier entertainment destination for tens of millions of people around the globe. When one consumes hours of video playback on the platform daily, at some point he/she might wish to clear the watch and search history, for whatever reason. We will be guiding you through the simple process of deleting your YouTube watch and search history, on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.


Paul McCartney To Play A YouTube Concert Tomorrow

Paul McCartney, a legend in his own right, is going to be playing a concert on YouTube tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to see the maestro in action live, particularly if you have never been to one of his live performances. The concert is part of a YouTube original production meant to promote his latest album.

Google Details How They Developed Their Digital Wellbeing Initiative

Companies are always looking to increase the amount of engagement on their websites, apps, services, and devices. However it seems that we have gotten to a point where we might be engaging too much with our devices, which is why companies like Google have introduced a digital wellbeing initiative to its products in hopes to try and get users to stop being so addicted.

YouTube’s Dark Mode Now Available To All Android Users

Dark mode on apps are a great way of reducing eye strain when used in the dark, or at the very least provides users with an alternative look. Earlier this year YouTube announced that they would be rolling out dark mode to its mobile apps, where iOS devices were among the first to receive it.

YouTube Introduces Tools To Help Non-Profits Raise Money

When it comes to monetizing videos on YouTube, there are certain criteria that one has to meet in order to qualify. This usually involves racking up a number of views, having a certain number of subscribers, and so on, which non-profit organizations might have a hard time trying to achieve especially when your content isn’t quite as “entertaining”.

YouTube Now Lets You See How Much Time You’ve Spent Watching Videos

We’re all guilty of wasting time on YouTube when we just don’t feel like getting off the couch. It can often be hours before we realize that we’ve actually wasted a lot of time. If you tend to do this often, YouTube has a new tool to help you get a grip on things. It’s part of the Digital Wellbeing initiative that Google announced at I/O 2018 back in May.

Get Ready For More Non-Skippable Ads On YouTube

Even though it has launched premium subscription services, the core functionality of YouTube remains free. Anyone can upload videos and anyone can watch them for free. The catch here is that viewers have to put up with ads, including non-skippable ads that you can’t skip five seconds after it has started playing. A new change will result in more non-skippable ads on YouTube.

YouTube Pulls ‘The Nun’ Jump Scare Ad Following User Complaints

Sometimes the ads that are shown before a YouTube clip are mini trailers for upcoming movies, which are fine, but in the case of the upcoming horror movie “The Nun”, the movie’s advertisers got creative and decided that hey, a jump scare ad would be a perfect way to promote the movie, much to the annoyance of many users.

Verizon’s 5G Broadband Will Include YouTube TV, Apple TV 4K

5G is expected to be the next standard in mobile connectivity, and as expected it will be faster than what is offered in the market today. How much faster, you ask? According to a report from Variety, it seems that it will be fast enough to the point where Verizon is comfortable including YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K as part of its 5G broadband bundle.

YouTube Reportedly Paying Big Money To Creators To Promote New Features

Back in the day YouTube was more or less the default platform that people would turn to for video content. Nowadays there are more options, and with trends shifting, YouTube is definitely in danger of possibly losing their position at the top. So much so that it seems that in a bid to keep visitors interested, they’re paying creators a ton of money to help promote some of YouTube’s features.

YouTube Now Recommends Which Devices Are Best For Video Playback

Earlier today Samsung unveiled their latest flagship handset in the form of the Galaxy Note 9. During the announcement, Samsung also made an interesting note which was that the Note 9 is a “YouTube Signature Device”. This is actually part of a new program that YouTube has launched in which it basically certifies a handset as being ideal for watching YouTube videos on.