YouTube’s Rewind 2018 Is The Most Disliked Video Ever

Throughout the year, there are various videos that manage to achieve iconic status or have gone viral, and this is pretty much what YouTube tries to highlight with their “Rewind” videos that showcases some of the biggest and most popular videos of the year. Unfortunately it seems that for the company’s Rewind 2018 video, it has managed to end up being the most disliked video on YouTube ever.

YouTube & National Geographic Team Up For VR Series

One of the benefits of using virtual reality (VR) is that due to the immersive nature of the technology, it helps the user feel like they are actually there, which is handy when it comes to games. We’ve all seen those videos of people freaking out while experiencing VR due to how real it feels.

YouTube Apps Will Now Autoplay Videos Silently

You’ll soon find that browsing YouTube through mobile apps is going to be a significantly changed experience. The world’s largest video sharing website has announced that it will now begin autoplaying videos by default when users are browsing the app’s Home tab. However, the videos will autoplay with the sound disabled.

YouTube’s Highest-Paid Creator Is Only 7-Years Old

It’s not surprising these days that there are many out there who have picked up a camera and started doing vlogs, tutorials, reviews, and more. This is because in more recent years, making a living purely off YouTube is more than feasible, and Forbes’ list of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers shows that there is a lot of money to be made.


YouTube Stories Rolling Out To More Creators

YouTube launched its own version of the Stories feature that Snapchat and Instagram have popularized over a year ago. It was initially called Reels but the company has since rebranded the feature to YouTube Stores. It was available to select YouTubers initially but you will soon be able to see them from many more. That’s because YouTube is expanding this feature to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

‘Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures’ Animated Shorts Announced

Are you thinking about introducing your child or a friend or family member to the Star Wars franchise? By now most people would probably have seen the Star Wars movies, although we imagine that there probably are some who haven’t, and if you’re trying to find a good way to introduce them, Disney might have the answer for you.

YouTube To Make Original Programming Free To All Users Starting 2019

YouTube has always been free to watch and is generally supported by ads. However in recent years, YouTube started to experiment with paywalls where they would keep original programming from various YouTubers behind a subscription program where you would need to pay to watch it, similar to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

YouTube Music Discounted Subscriptions For Students Launched

YouTube does offer an ad-free version of its streaming website as well as a music streaming service but you need to pay for it. The company normally doesn’t offer discounts but YouTube today launched discounted subscription plans for students who are looking to join these services. The new plans are the first major change to YouTube’s music subscription service ever since it was launched in 2017.

YouTube Video Annotations Will Be Removed On January 15th

The little text boxes that often pop up on top of YouTube videos are called annotations. Google has confirmed that it will be removing all annotations from YouTube videos on January 15th, 2019. This follows the earlier decision to discontinue the annotations editor back in May 2017.

YouTube Starts Offering Ad-Supported Movies On Its Platform

Want to watch a full-length movie or series on YouTube? If you do, you’d have to pay for it via various subscription programs that YouTube offers. However since such programs such as YouTube Originals and YouTube TV aren’t available globally yet, it means that there are many users out there who are potentially missing out.

YouTube For Desktop Gets An Updated Fullscreen Mode

If you wanted to watch a YouTube video and check the comments at the same time, you couldn’t, at least back in the day. However it appears that YouTube has since updated its desktop platform where when you fullscreen a video, you can actually continue scrolling down to the comments section and also see suggested videos on the side.

YouTube’s VR App Now Available On Oculus Go

One of the perks and upsides to watching videos in virtual reality (VR) is that it gives us a feeling like we’re actually there in person, and it allows us to look at the video from different angles and perspectives. If you do enjoy VR videos, then you might be interested to learn that YouTube has launched its VR app on the Oculus Go.

Diablo Immortal’s Trailer Has The Third Highest YouTube Dislike Percentage

The idea of being able to play a game like Diablo on your phone sounds like an excellent idea on paper, but yet following the official announcement of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard was hit with a ton of backlash from fans who felt “cheated” that the company chose to announce a mobile game instead of Diablo 4.

YouTube For Nintendo Switch Arrives Today

It was reported last week that the YouTube app may finally be coming to Nintendo Switch. Many would have expected the app to be there already since YouTube is the world’s number one source of online videos but that wasn’t the case. The wait is finally over for Nintendo Switch owners as it has been confirmed that the official YouTube app for their console is arriving today.