is a video-sharing website where users can upload videos. It is currently (7/2012) the largest such site, and was founded in 2005 by  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who all worked at PayPal before. While it mainly featured movies from regular folks (and some illegal user uploads) at the beginning, but eventually YouTube grabbed enough market share to attract higher quality content over the years. Now, there is something for everyone, and YouTube continues to push for high-quality content, while keeping the support from amateur video-makers. The company was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6B.

YouTube App Will Stop Working On Third-Gen Apple TVs Next Month
If you happen to own an Apple TV that’s from the third-generation lineup, then you might want to consider making an upgrade. This is because it seems that starting next month, the YouTube app on the Apple TV will no longer work with third-gen Apple TV devices or older. This means that the app will only support Apple TV HD (fourth gen) and Apple TV 4K (the fifth and current-gen).

YouTube Is Testing Its Answer To Twitch Clips
When it comes to livestreaming, Twitch has become more or less the default platform of choice for many, not just gamers. We know that YouTube is trying to compete with the platform and has since announced a new feature that will be their answer to Twitch Clips.

YouTube Testing Allowing Viewers To Purchase Items Shown In A Video
Due to the YouTube adpocalpyse which saw many creators lose out on a lot of earning potential, many YouTubers have since come up with other ways to generate income. This includes asking subscribers to subscribe to them on platforms like Patreon, donations made through PayPal, or use Amazon affiliate links in which they get a cut of the proceeds.

YouTube TV Subscribers Are Getting Free Chromecasts
It seems that Google really wants to keep its subscribers happy because according to reports, it seems that Google is sending out free Chromecast devices to those who have subscribed to its YouTube TV service. Unfortunately, it seems that this offer is only good for those who are already subscribed, so if you haven’t signed up yet, we’re not sure if you’ll be able to get it.


The First 19 James Bond Movies Are Now Free To Watch On YouTube
If you’re a fan of the James Bond movies, then you might be interested to learn that it appears that YouTube and MGM have partnered up where they are now offering the first 19 James Bond movies ever to be released for free on YouTube. This is only available for US users through YouTube’s “Free to Watch” section.

YouTube Testing A Timestamp Button For Commenting
Platforms like Soundcloud have features where during the playback of a song, you can see timestamps placed throughout the progression of the song where users have left comments. This is helpful as it provides context, like where some users might comment about a particular part of the song they like, and so on.

YouTube Testing AI-Generated Video Chapters
One of the newer features that YouTube had introduced to its platform was the ability for creators to add chapters to their videos. This helped longer form videos where creators can break down their videos into different chapters so that users can easily and quickly skip to the section that they want.

Get Ready For Audio Based Ads On YouTube
One of the things people enjoy doing with YouTube is listening to music. While YouTube might be known as a video platform, there are people who put YouTube on in the background and listen to songs while they do other things. This means that when it comes to ads, some advertisers might miss out as the person isn’t watching the ad.

2020 Has Been Such A Terrible Year That Even YouTube Doesn’t Want To Remember It
Every year since 2010, YouTube has put out a “Rewind” video towards the end of the year. Basically, the video acts as a recap of everything that has happened in the entire year, highlighting some of the best or most interesting events that took place. Sometimes it misses the mark, but YouTube has been quite consistent with releasing such videos.

YouTube HDR Support Arrives For The iPhone 12 Series
While HDR has been around for a while now, it’s probably in the past few years that we’re seeing it creep into more aspects of our lives, such as television displays and videos. For those who have bought or are planning to buy the new iPhone 12 series from Apple, you’ll be pleased to learn that YouTube HDR is now supported by these devices.

YouTube Will Finally Let You Set The Default Video Quality
YouTube is smart in the sense that it can detect your internet connection and based on that, it will automatically adjust your video quality to ensure that your stream does not get interrupted. However, we get that some users don’t actually enjoy this feature as they might want to set a higher quality setting by default, or a lower quality setting by default.

YouTube Wants To Take On Amazon By Developing Its Own Shopping Platform
Following the changes YouTube has made to how ads are served and how content creators can earn from these ads, many creators are no longer solely relying on YouTube to make a living. Many are instead using platforms like Amazon where they can get a commission from products being sold by using their referral links.

YouTube Music Just Got A Lot More Attractive
Google previously announced that they would be shutting down Play Music. Subscribers who wish to continue streaming music would need to transition to YouTube Music, although there were some limitations to YouTube Music that made it slightly less attractive to would-be subscribers.

YouTube’s Picture-In-Picture Mode Has Been Restored On iOS 14 Devices
One of the features that Apple introduced in iOS 14 for the iPhone is that apps that play video can now offer picture-in-picture mode. This means that you can watch a video while doing other things on your phone. Of course, this is up to developers to choose to include such a feature.

YouTube Will Use AI To Automatically Age-Restrict Videos
YouTube has tools that allow creators to place age-restrictions on their videos, where only those above a certain age will be able to watch them. However, the onus was mostly on the creators to age-restrict their videos, save for every now and then when YouTube’s algorithm flags inappropriate content for its team to review. Removes Picture-In-Picture Support For iPhones Running iOS 14
One of the features of iOS 14 is that the company is finally bringing support for picture-in-picture mode when it comes to videos. Apps, of course, need to be updated to take advantage of the new feature. YouTube was discovered to be testing this out in their app back in August, but they have yet to update their app to support it.

YouTube’s Answer To TikTok Has Officially Launched
Given the popularity of TikTok, it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that many other tech firms were racing to create something similar. Instagram launched Reels and now it looks like YouTube has also decided to wade into the market with their own answer called YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Testing Picture-In-PIcture For iOS 14
Picture-in-picture is a feature that we’ve seen on Android phones in the past, but it’s not something that Apple has introduced to their iPhones, at least until iOS 14. However, the onus is still on developers to choose whether or not they want to support it, and it looks like YouTube is testing the feature out.

YouTube Will Finally Play In 4K On Safari
Apple equips its computers with high resolution displays, like the iMac which sports a 5K monitor, something that not many desktop PCs can boast. However, when playing YouTube videos in Safari, it does not support 4K playback. This issue dates back several years ago which we imagine must be somewhat infuriating for Mac users.

YouTube Will End Community Captions Contributions In September
There are many videos on YouTube, many of which are in a variety of languages. We imagine that some creators would love to reach a more international audience which is why some bother to actually upload captions, or rely on the community to add captions for them. Unfortunately, the latter feature is about to come to an end.