From the moment I was able to stay at home by myself up until earlier this morning, my parents have always told me to never open the door for strangers. The problem I have is if the person outside is a pizza delivery man or has candy, how could I not open the door for them so I could enjoy their treats? If it just so happens the person on the other side of the door is here to do harm, then I’ll need something like the Brinno Digital Peephole to help me figure out what’s happening on the other side of my door without alerting that person I’m there.

The Brinno Digital Peephole installs on the other side of your door and is impossible to detect on the other side of the door. Once installed, you’ll be able to view who is on the other side of your door through its 3-inch LCD panel that displays a panoramic image of whatever it is that caught your attention.

The peephole system compensates for low light, allows for zooming in on the image and even comes with a microSD card slot to have it function as a security camera. The image the digital peephole captures will have a time and date stamp to help in reporting any issues. There’s also a Knocking Door Sensor that automatically captures an image when the peephole sense someone knocking on your door, or you can have it capture anything that moves in front of it with its Motion Active Sensor.

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