“Too much gaming can kill you.” That has been proven true recently, when a man in China died after a 40-hour gaming marathon. In a bid to save his 23-year old son from the dangers of over-gaming, a father in China took¬†desperate¬†measures and hired in-game “hitmen” to discourage his son from playing further. According to his father, Xiao Feng spends too much time on games and can’t even stick to a job. Apparently Xiao Feng’s addiction for role-playing games annoyed his father.

So Mr. Feng contacted in-game assassins who were far better and stronger than his son, and asked them to kill his son’s character each time he joins the game. Mr. Feng speculates that his son might eventually get discouraged from constantly dying in the game, and, hopefully, will spend more time in finding a job. The game that Xiao Feng played was not disclosed, but it seems that his father’s efforts are beginning to pay off. Xiao Feng was quoted saying, “I want to take some time to find one (a job) that suits me.” Obviously, the father was relieved.

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