Video game related deaths are starting to sound “normal”, and I am surprised that we haven’t seen any kind of deaths on shows such as CSI that fall back upon such a premise, where a presumed “gamed to death” scenario actually had a more sinister force behind it. Sometime in the middle of last year, we talked about how a teen died after 40 hours of Diablo 3, and another student in Singapore collapsed after an all nighter session. Well, today we have come across news that a 21-year-old man collapsed and died after spending 40 hours on an unnamed online game in Guangxi, China.

The man has been identified as Xiao Jun, where he began his online gaming session right after his shift at a karaoke center ended at 2am on Christmas. Other than taking short breaks for meals and the relevant bathroom breaks, the rest of his time was spent on the online game itself before his body gave up the ghost. Hmmm, this seems as though 40 hour is the magical mark that one should not trespass.

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