How has your Google Drive experience been so far? I have found it to be extremely useful when it comes to creating, storing and sharing data, and there is a whole slew of apps out there which will assist you in being more productive and on-the-go as well, ranging from making amendments to spreadsheets and to signing documents electronically. Having said that, Google has already refreshed their Google Forms platform, which did come in handy in the past to help you create questionnaires in a snap, while automatically collecting responses in a spreadsheet.

The new and refreshed Google Forms offers a “faster, cleaner, and more collaborative experience.” Similar to Docs, Sheets and Slides, you are now able to collaborate with other folks in real-time, where you and your colleagues are able to make modifications to the same form at any one time, and even chat on the side without having to leave the form. Expect the refreshed Google Forms to be introduced in the days to come, where you can create them straight from Google Sheets or Drive, or take the alternative route of installing the Chrome Web App so that you can work from your browser.

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