Well, I guess you could not get any more obvious in the title – after all, what point is there for a robot fish to do its work on land? Yup, the robot fish that you see above is nowhere near your favorite sushi factory in terms of “design”, and it has been dubbed “Grace” for convenience’s sake. Basically, Grace the robot fish will not get into a flap whenever it heads out for a swim, but rather, it will just glide along to do its best in conserving energy, all the while working silently by gathering water-quality data that is then transmitted back to headquarters.

Should it find itself in a situation where it needs to perform more active manoeuvres, fret not – Grace is capable of flapping its tail to swim, but this would definitely deplete its battery reserves in a matter of hours. Most of the time, however, it will rely on pumping water out of its body as well as rhythmically moving its battery to control its direction. Grace the robot fish was designed and built by Xiaobo Tan of Michigan State University in East Lansing.

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