Now that the holidays are well behind us, we can’t help but feel happy about not having to go to another mall for another year. One part of the mall we absolutely cannot stand is the line of people waiting to get on the escalator as they can’t even bother to walk themselves up and down stairs, or at least look for an elevator. But if there’s a line behind this escalator found in Japan, then we might as well lose all faith in humanity right there, and then.

Travels With Jerry decided to take a trip to the world’s shortest escalator, which is located in the basement of a More’s department store in Kawasaki, Japan. The escalator’s rise is on 32.8 inches high, officially making it the world’s shortest escalator with the good folks at Guiness Book of World Records.

In his video, Jerry rides the world’s shortest escalator seven times, and says it was a “glorious experience.” Something tells me the people who have a front-row view of that particular escalator have seen their fair share of crazy people getting all excited to ride the escalator, ride it, and then cheer crazily at the feat they just accomplished.

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